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MeSI™ v3.71 software screenshots. The software is available for Windows 64 bit and supports 4K resolution.

Gallery Screenshots 1

1. DUT spectrum  Wavelength Spectrometry. Agilent HP81689A, HP81637B, HP8163A. 

MeSI - Screenshots 1.png

Measuring a Silicon Photonics racetrack-shaped ring resonator (Add Drop Filter) by scanning optical wavelengths at steps of 0.05nm.

The equipment in used is Agilent® tunable laser HP81689A, Agilent® photodetector HP81637B and Agilent® mainframe HP8163A.

Gallery Screenshots 2

2. Measurement analysis (Load/Save Mode). No equipment connected.

MeSI - Screenshots 2.png

The throughput port measurement of a 4 ports Photonic Crystal filter is loaded for analysis. 12.7dB extinction ratio with FSR>50nm is observed.

Gallery Screenshots 3

3. Power measurement  Average Power (stability test). Agilent HP81689A, HP81637B, HP8163A. 

MeSI - Screenshots 3.png

Average power detection within 60 seconds is measured in the 1,550nm wavelength. Power fluctuations of about 0.4dB can be noticed.

Gallery Screenshots 4

4. General Settings dialog box. 

MeSI - Screenshots 4.png

Apply new setting to inspect the results. 

Gallery Screenshots 5

5. Equipment Setup dialog box.

MeSI - Screenshots 5.png

Setup and configure the equipment. 

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