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The Analysis Tool can be used to examine how a property value is changed while other parameters varies. Once a run is completed, the map can be saved to memory and can be analyzed in specific ranges without the need to rerun the simulation again for the new range. The map can also be saved to a file and its data can be fitted by the Fitting Tool. Two analyses can be performed in parallel in the two different graphs (Graphs1, Graph2).

Analysis Tool [Dr. Modes].png

Analyze the total number of modes supported by a doped (1e18cmˉ³ holes) Rib waveguide with respect to its heights and width.

Analysis Tool [Lord PICS].png

Graph1: Analyze the Cross-Talk (CT) of a ring resonator as a function of the    
                coupling coefficients amplitudes. 

Graph2: Analyze the FSR of the circuit for various effective indexes
. The 1D                            plots are obtained from 2D analysis saved to memory.

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