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New Graph Tool can be used to plot 1D/2D/3D graphs from data inputted in the table. The data can be entered manually, obtained from a profile, loaded from text and excel files, imported from the main module's graph or entered via Command Syntax.

Vector form and equation style is accepted as syntax. In addition, our short-form syntax (build-in internal parser) is supported as well (i.e., Command Syntax parser). Functions can be applied separately over each axis data so that the axis label will remain the same as the axis data. 1D graph can support plotting in the left and right axis and in 2D/3D graphs, axes data can be switched. Title and axis labels can be entered in latex format.    


New Graph Tool 1.png

Entering basic data for a linear relation between the X and Y axis. The data was validated for any syntax errors and found to be okay, ready to be plotted.

New Graph Tool 2b.png
New Graph Tool 2a.png

Plotting Left/Right axis in 1D graph. "X" refers to the data in the X axis column.
Here, vector form is used to express the data in the X axis column.

New Graph Tool 3b.png
New Graph Tool 3a.png

Plotting 2D surface graph while using our short-form syntax, i.e., the built-in internal parser. The data of X and Y axis column in the table, is written in our short-form syntax, stating that the range will be linearly divided to 20 and 30 elements respectively.
The data of the Z axis column starts with " ' " which states that proper dimensional matrices should be parsed.

New Graph Tool 4b.png
New Graph Tool 4a.png

Plotting the transfer function in 3D scatter graph from a profile of a ring resonator in Add-Drop Filter configuration. The profile, loaded from a file, provided all the labels and table data.
The transmission values were in mW and converted to dBm by applying the function on the F axis data.

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