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MeSI provides a software interface which controls the electrical equipment participates in your measurement. In typical electro-optical measurements, laser-light is inserted into a chip and exits to a photodetector. In parallel, signals generator and digital scope drive and characterize the electrical modulation to the chip (additional equipment may be necessary). All this equipment can be operated by MeSI™ in order to conduct the experiment via a software interface.


The software provides an easy and convenient interface with graphical capabilities same as the Asteria© package software. Saved measurements files can be loaded in Lord PICS™ module for comparison with theory (& vice versa). The connection to electrical equipment is established via: GPIB, USB, Serial/Parallel port, LAN and FireWire.

In "Load/Save Mode", additional manipulations can be made on graphs in order to allow easier examination of the measurements result.


Familiar equipment currently controlled by the software is: Agilent HP tunable laser (816xx family), NetTest Yenista Tunics laser (BT family), Oclaro OIF ITLA MSA laser (TL family), Agilent HP photodetector (816xx family) and Agilent HP mainframe (816xx family).



  • We also offer software version to a custom interface requirements for specific equipment.


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