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The simulation software Doctor Modes™, Lord PICS™, Circuits King™, measurement software MeSI™ and graphical software Master Graph™ can be purchased on a license basis. Clients can benefit from a variety of attractive offers:

  • Discount is given when buying more than one module and a bigger discount is given when purchasing the entire package, i.e. Modes™, PICS™, Circuits™, MeSI™ and Graph™.

  • Discount is given for academic institutions or for personal usage (e.g. academic/private purposes).

  • Special offers are given for 5+ licenses.

  • Updates, upgrades and customer service are given Free for the duration of the license.

In addition:

  • We will be glad to send a representative to meet the client, install the software, guide the users and provide consultation. This service may be given free for clients located in the United States, Europe and China (small fee may be required for other locations).

  • Money Back Guarantee. Clients that will find the software disappointing or will obtain inaccurate measurements from fabricate devices designed by the software, can receive their money back.                                                 

     We make this commitment because the software have been validated in practice not just with current clients, but also     

     through our own fabrication, and the results were published in the prestige journal of Nature Photonics (2018) [Link].

     The software are easy to use and requires minimal training.



We can provide consultation to projects in aspects of design, simulation, fabrication and measurements, mostly within the fields of optics and electro-optics under both linear and non-linear effects. Prices depend on the kind and scale of the consultation required.


Fabrication / Test-Station​

We can fabricate a basic prototype of your device. We can also design and erect a test station that fits the requirement of the project. Prices depends on the kind and scale of the procedures required.



You may contact us by email, phone or fill in the quick form below. We will do our best to respond quickly and advise.

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