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Star Photonics® offers services that may fit various stages of your project.  


  • Fabrication

      We provide fabrication services for projects, mainly in the Integrated Optics field, involving basic prototypes. Circuits can

      be comprised of passive elements and active elements. Active elements can be supported by thermally based electrodes or

      electrically based electrodes such as PN and PIN diodes or MOS capacitors.


  • Test Station

      We can design and erect measurements station that support the experiment. Our measurement software, MeSI, can control the

      equipment used and provide easy way to conduct and analyze the measurements in place.


  • Consultation

      We can provide consultation in various aspects, such as designing devices with respect to requirements, performing and

      analyzing simulations, planning fabrication processes, handling equipment type for the test stations, analyzing measurements  

      and generally supervising projects. 



For more information you may visit the Purchase page.

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