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Circuits King software web-pages are under constructions and are being updated these weeks. We apologize for the inconvenient.

Circuits King™ is an Optical Interconnect simulator. Components such as bus, optical couplers, resonators, light sources and detectors can be integrated in the layout to form large networks required in many applications, e.g., Deep Learning (Training networks), optical programming and processing, beam shaping array (Phased/TTD array antenna), Sensors, Systems-on-Chip and WDM (modulators, switches) arrays. The Thermo-Optical, Electro-Optical and phase-changing effects, can be simulated by applying voltage on an electrode over the bus and coupler units.

Main Features:

  • Integrate building blocks from the Integrated Optics family:

     ▪ Bus (& Curved Bus)               ▪ Resonators                                    ▪ Single-Pass Devices            

     ▪ Optical Couplers                    ▪ Light Sources (e.g. Laser, LED)            

     ▪ Axes                                    ▪ Light Detector (e.g. Photo-Diode)

     ▪ Device (light processing)

     and many more components.

  • Effects on Bus & Couplers (Operated by applied Voltage):

     ▪ Thermo-Optical Electrode     

     ▪ Electro-Optical Electrode (Plasma Dispersion Effect in Silicon Photonics)     

     ▪ Phase Electrode (Phase Changing Material)

  • EM dimensions (Orthogonality considerations):

     ▪ Wavelength/Frequency dimension

     ▪ Modes dimension

     ▪ Polarization dimension

     ▪ Forward/Reflected waves dimension

  • Platform:

     ▪ SOI - Silicon Photonics

     ▪ Lithium Niobate

     ▪ Custom (e.g., SiN, InP)

  • PDK support (foundries around the world) + GDS II saving.

Below, some images of the module and configuration windows of some components:

Circuits King - Overview 1.png
Circuits King - Overview 2.png
Circuits King - Overview 4.png
Circuits King - Overview 6.png
Circuits King - Overview 5.png
Circuits King - Overview 3.png
Circuits King - Overview 7.png
Circuits King - Overview 9.png
Circuits King - Overview 10.png
Circuits King - Overview 11.png
Circuits King - Overview 8.png

A glimpse to some of the components and configurations available 

  • Custom-made circuits and couplers can be added by request…


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