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Star Photonics Ltd. company aims to deliver the best products and services with no compromises. We focus on chip architecture and offer our customers the products and services needed in various stages of their projects. Among our products are software for wave propagation in waveguides and electro-optical behavior in circuits. Our services include fabrications of prototype and construction of test stations. In addition, our team can also provide consultation in the various fields of the processes. We believe we can contribute to projects within their significant stages:

Project stages in chip design

Our expertise is in Integrated Optics and Microelectronics in Silicon (& SOI) platform. Ranging from nanoscale optical filters to micron scale electro-optical modulators.


Our leading scientist, Dr. Roei A. Cohen, has more than 13 years of experience in design, simulation, fabrication and characterization of electro-optical systems in Silicon Photonics. He is an expert in Electromagnetic theory, non-linear optics, and solid state carrier mechanism. Dr. Cohen uses his skills to lead our team and deliver the best products and the highest quality of services to our clients.


Star Photonics® was founded by Roei A. Cohen in 2020 and currently located in Tel Aviv, Israel.





Even though Star Photonics Ltd. may be viewed as a software company with services under the approach of Build-to-Order style, the company is running R&D projects related to its field.


Our research is directed in various fields within integrated optics, whether in linear systems or non-linear systems. Among our projects and patents are

  • Light sources/sensors for Silicon Photonics built-in on chip and CMOS compatible.

  • Modulators and switches for data centers and long-haul fiber communications.

  • Sensors for biological and agricultural applications.

  • Optical FPGA and programmable photonic processors.

  • Opto-Electronic oscillators (OEO).

  • LIDAR systems for detection.

  • Double Injection and Multiple Injection device architecture.

  • Simulation software for devices and circuits, mostly for integrated optics.

We collaborate with various institutes, companies and researchers, and perform joint projects in R&D and fabrication. Some of the projects are patented and commercialized. Our partners are located both in Israel and abroad.


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