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Lady Coupler analyzes common waveguide couplers and basic elements such as, Directional Coupler, Y-Coupler, MMI/Fabry-Perot structure, Taper, bent waveguide and more. As in other Asteria© modules, effects such as material dispersion, temperature and doping variations can be accounted for.


The software finds the supported waveguide modes in various locations of the structure and propagates the modes found at the entry using Mode Conversion mechanism. Consequently, reflections and a coupling coefficients table are calculated and displayed. The field components, power and polarization distribution in space can be plotted in 1D, 2D and 3D, hence allowing inspection of the structure's transmittance.


The Analysis Tool can examine how a certain property of the coupler changes when other parameters varies. For example, one may wish to examine how much power is transferred between two adjacent waveguides (DC) while changing the gap between them at steps of 15nm.

  • The module will be available within the next few months…


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