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Doctor Modes™ v5.42 software screenshots. The software is available for Windows 64 bit and supports 4K resolution.

Gallery Screenshots 1

1. Start-up screen.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 1.png

Start-up screen. Choose method, geometry and press "RUN" to simulate.

No complex editor! → No training needed!

Gallery Screenshots 2

2. Channel waveguide in SOI platform solved by exact method (Sine). Field distribution in 1D/2D.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 2.png

Simulated channel waveguide in SOI platform with Exact solution (Sine Basis).
The field distribution of the 1st and 2nd modes are shown in 1D and 2D space. Due to symmetry, only half of the terms are practically in used in each axis.

Gallery Screenshots 3

3. Channel waveguide in non-dispersive platform solved via exact method (Fourier) near cut-off.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 3.png

Simulated channel waveguide near cutoff conditions (Exact - Fourier). The field distribution of the fundamental mode and its convergence analysis are displayed. 5-digits convergence is achieved.

Gallery Screenshots 4

4. Parallel rib waveguides in SOI platform solved by EIM method. Field distribution in 2D/3D space.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 4.png

Simulated parallel rib waveguides (directional coupler form) with EIM method. Field is plotted in 2D/3D space for the fundamental mode.

Gallery Screenshots 5

5. General Settings dialog box  |  Graph-Enlarge window. 

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 5a.png
Dr. Modes - Screenshots 5b.png

Enlarge graph and fonts to suit your documents. Add tags, perform data analysis and inspect fits. The graph can be printed, saved or copied to clipboard.

Apply new setting to inspect the results. 

6. Parallel channel waveguides in LiNbO3 platform solved by Marcatili method. Polarization map.

Gallery Screenshots 6
Dr. Modes - Screenshots 6.png

Simulated a parallel LiNbO3 channel waveguides at 5°C above room temperature (Marcatili method). A polarization map of the 4th mode is shown in 2D/3D space.

Gallery Screenshots 7

7. Detailed mode information.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 7.png

Detailed information about mode E2,1. The details include information such as software (algorithm) error, resolution and equation's parameters values.

Gallery Screenshots 8 (Electro-Optic)

8. Trapeze waveguide in SOI platform solved by exact method (Hermite). Electro-Optical analysis.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 8.png

Simulated trapeze waveguide with erfc (error function) profile in SOI platform under a doped slab (Exact - Hermite). The doping can be the result of an applied voltage over an electrical electrode such as a PN/PIN diode or a MOS capacitor. 
Upper Graph:
The profile of n
eff as a function of the doping, or otherwise, as function of an induced carriers caused by applied voltage. The fit equation can act as a dispersion profile in Lord PICS™ to analyze electro-optic effects.

Bottom Graph:
The field component H
y of the 1st mode in 2D space.

Gallery Screenshots 9 (Dispersion)

9. Parallel trapeze waveguides in SOI solved by exact method (Fourier). Dispersion analysis.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 9.png

Analysis of waveguide dispersion (neff) and propagation constant (βz) for the 2nd mode, E2,1. Equations for dispersion can be derived via the Fitting-Tool. The equations can act as dispersion profiles in Lord PICS to analyse a coupler. 

Gallery Screenshots 10

10. Circle waveguide in Fiber platform solved by 2D Maxwell method. Field and power distributions.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 10.png

Simulated a typical Multi-Mode Fiber waveguide in SiO2 platform via Circle (maxwell) method. The field and power distribution of different modes are shown in 2D space.

Gallery Screenshots 11

11. Circle waveguide in Fiber platform solved by 2D Maxwell method. Linearly Polarized  LP modes.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 11.png

Linearly Polarized (LP) Modes of a fiber waveguide are inspected. The power and polarization distributions of different LP modes are displayed in 2D space.

Gallery Screenshots 12

12. Parallel circle waveguides in Fiber platform solved by exact method (Sine). Field distribution.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 12.png

Simulated parallel fiber waveguides in SiO2 platform (Exact - Sine). The field and power distributions of the fundamental mode are plotted in 2D space.

Gallery Screenshots 13

13. Rib waveguide in SOI platform solved by exact method (Hermite). Structure analysis.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 13.png

Analysis of the total number of modes, which can be supported by a doped (1e18cmˉ³ holes) rib waveguide, with respect to its width and heights.

Gallery Screenshots 14

14. Slab waveguide, non-dispersive platform, solved via 1D Maxwell. Mode confinement analysis.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 14.png

Analyze the confinement efficiency of a slab mode by scanning the

waveguide's height and refractive indices.

Gallery Screenshots 15

15. Parallel trapeze waveguides in SOI solved by exact method (Fourier). Asymmetry due to doping.

Dr. Modes - Screenshots 15.png

Analyze the normalized effective index (b) and the propagation constant (βz) of modes supported by a parallel trapeze waveguides with respect to thier angle and dispersions. The 2nd guide is heavily doped (1e19cmˉ³ electrons) which may occur as a result of electrical electrode operation.

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