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Star Photonics® offers software, consultation and services for optical and electro-optical devices in the chip level. 

We specialize in Integrated Optics and Microelectronics for Silicon Photonics platform. The company has proven experience in simulating, fabricating and characterizing common devices such as MZI, ring and Fabry-Pérot resonators. 

In addition, we also have expertise in non-linear optics, in particular within chip architecture.


Our main software can simulate electro-optical devices from the waveguide level to entire circuits level:

                                                                ▪  Circuits King™

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Circuits King™ is an Optical Interconnect simulator. Components such as bus, resonators, light sources and detectors can be integrated in the layout to form large networks required in many applications, e.g., Deep Learning (Training networks), optical programming and processing, beam shaping, and WDM (modulators, switches) arrays. Effects applied via electrode such as Thermo-Optical, Electro-Optical and phase-changing are supported in the simulation.

               ▪  Doctor Modes™                                                               ▪  Lord PICS™

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Doctor Modes™ offers 3D Full-Vector exact solution 

(Galerkin method) for the supported modes of various waveguides cross-sections such as Slab, Channel, Rib/Strip, Circle, Ellipse and Trapeze. Both single-guide and parallel-guides (directional coupler) can be fully simulated and analyzed.  

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Lord PICS™ provides simulations for common optical and electro-optical circuits such as MZI, Ring and Fabry-Pérot resonators/modulators. Dispersions, Temperature and Voltage effects can be accounted. 

Coupling coefficients (parallel & curved sections) behavior can be fully analyzed separately.


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  • In general, our services and expertise can be of value in various stages of chip architecture:

Stages in chip design


Circuits King™ version 1.07 is ready
Lord PICS™ version 4.78 is now available
Doctor Modes™ version 5.45 is now available
MeSI™ version 3.80 is up and ready
Master Graph™ version 2.03 is now available
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